Rosie Garland

Rosie Garland: Original female vocalist with the Violets, Rosie has returned in all her glory. With a fabulous stage presence and strong vocal range, (all the more incredible for fighting and beating throat cancer in 2009-2010) she is a perfect partner to Si Denbigh to give the Violets twice the full-frontal vocal attack.

In 1984, after recording Snake Dance, Rosie left to work in Sudan, Africa.

She returned to develop a variety of performance projects. These included touring with the Subversive Stitch exhibition in the 90s and commissioned shows for It’s Queer Up North. Most notable of her creations is twisted cabaret alter-ego Rosie Lugosi, mistress of musical mayhem and one of the UK's most in-demand compères. Winner of the Dada Award for Performance Artist of the Year and proud owner of an Alternative Oscar for Solo Performer, she has appeared throughout the UK, Europe and the USA. As well as contributing lyrics to the March Violets, she also writes books which you can find out about on the other pages of this website.