What Girls Do in the Dark

What Girls Do in the Dark invites us to leap into deep space - across a universe where light, names, place and time become the “distance between things that stand like sisters”.

As in Judy

Behind the scenes in the life and mind of the award-winning poet, novelist, groundbreaking performance artist and singer with The March Violets. “She imagines the inner and outer landscapes we all inhabit with eloquence and grace. Shine your light, Rosie." - David Hoyle

Things I Did While I Was Dead

Articulating diverse themes including childhood, relationships, gender and serial-killers, this collection showcases her thought-provoking and passionate award-winning poetry. "Candid, tender and surprising… Things I Did While I Was Dead packs a powerful punch." - Jackie Kay MBE

Everything Must Go

Rosie Garland’s unflinching perspective on her year with throat cancer. She shows how any disease – cancer especially – attacks your humanity. Yet hope & resilience shine through, even when things get tough. Especially when things get tough.