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Wolf-Girls: Dark Tales of Teeth, Claws and Lycogyny Wolf-Girls: Dark Tales of Teeth, Claws and Lycogyny Hic Dragones 2012

Wolf-Girls: Dark Tales of Teeth, Claws and Lycogyny, Edited by Hannah Kate (Hic Dragones 2012)

Feral, vicious, fierce and lost… the she-wolf is a strange creature of the night. Attractive to some; repulsive to others, she stalks the fringes of our world as though it were her prey. She is the baddest of girls, the fatalest of femmes – but she is also the excluded, the abject, the monster.

The Wolf-Girls within these pages are mad, bad and dangerous to know. But they are also rejected and tortured, loving and loyal, avenging and triumphant. Some of them are even human…

Seventeen new tales of dark, snarling lycogyny. Features Rosie Garland’s short story ‘Cut and Paste’


Price: £8.99 (plus P&P)

EXTRACT from 'Cut and Paste'

Annie wakes up talking.

‘He looked like Michael Jackson, but with a real nose.’

‘Oh god,’ I groan.

‘He was really hitting on me.’

I push back the covers, give up on dozing. The moment she opens her mouth I can smell her breath, stale with beer from the night before.

‘Gross,’ I mutter. ‘I hate Michael Jackson. I always hated him, even before he died. Even before all that stuff with the twelve year old boys.’


‘Yeah, right.’

I grunt something about being able to afford the most expensive lawyers in the world, but Annie is gazing off to the left, picking plaque off her teeth and wiping it on the sheet. She stopped listening when I wouldn’t let her get away with acquitted. It makes me want to go on some more: pound her with words. She stops listening so fast.

‘He said he was a cosmetic surgeon,’ she says.

‘You’re not having plastic surgery.’

‘It’s not plastic.’

‘That’s how you’d end up looking.’

She sighs, continues as though I’ve said nothing. ‘I might. You know.’


‘See him. Meet up with him.’

‘Who? Michael Jackson? He’s gone where you can’t follow.’ I smirk.

‘No. Him. The guy I met at the party.’

‘What?’ This wakes me up for sure. ‘Are you nuts?’